Pectine jam preparation system

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This system is used for continuous processing of: pectin, jams or jellies. Jam is stored in the buffer tank at a controlled high temperature from where it is pumped, in a continuous stream, through the dynamic mixer, to downstream depositing equipment.

An injection pump meters acid into the dynamic mixer where it is homogeneously mixed into the hot jam. In the jacketed pipe work to the depositing equipment the acidified jam is kept at high temperature. After depositing, the jam cools and jellifies quickly.

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Systems parts

  • Jam buffer tank
  • Positive displacement pump for Jam
  • Acid buffer tank
  • Positive displacement pump for acid
  • Dynamic mixer
  • Water tempering unit


  • Jaffa cake
  • Jam filled biscuits
  • Centre in shell mallows
  • Jam and cream sandwiched biscuits
  • Tartlets etc.

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