Wiegers Process Innovations (WPI) was established in 2003 by Paul and Joukje Wiegers with aim of addressing the requirements of customers that were not able to attain from their existing equipment or other products on the market. Offering, unique engineering solutions to overcome the hitherto unattainable desires of our customers, and new innovative solutions to significantly reduce labour costs and improve product quality with, new unique machines capable of revolutionising production methods and creating products that were previously unattainable automatically.

WPI specialises in:

  • Base mixing of batter, icing, crème, choux, meringue, etc.
  • Cream processing equipment for fillings in sandwiched biscuits, wafers, and cakes etc.
  • Jam, jelly, and caramel preparation systems used for the same or similar applications.
  • Continuous aeration equipment
  • Scraped surface heat exchangers
  • Colour and flavour dosing systems
  • Water tempering systems
  • Pre-mixers
  • Dry ingredient mixers
  • Complete product preparation systems; from base ingredients through the various stages, to final depositing or injection.

Our products